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Choice Transport, from it's Main office, offers direct services from Virginia to New England with 53' dry van and refrigerated trailer services. We are miles from I-81, I-80,I-84, and PA Turnpike I-476 which are major Northeast highways that give us the opportunity to put your freight within one days service. 


Our professionally-trained service department is available seven days, when most of the world is hitting the snooze bar one last time, our mechanics have already been working for hours.  When it's cold and their hands are frozen, they continue to work.  When it's hot enough to fry and egg on the equipment they are working with, they continue to work.  They do this because Choice's promises are their promises.

Our service technicians are all EPA-certified and are continually trained in the most advanced technologies. We offer cost-effective service plans and planned maintenance schedules which provide our customers peace of mind.

Our mechanics are dispatched with the latest technology, providing instant, on-site communication, and our modern fleet of trucks are fully stocked to support immediate on-site repairs.

Utilitiy Usage with HVAC Preventative Maintenance

What We do...


Space cooling and heating accounts for roughly 45% of HVAC used in commercial buildings. Getting qualified light commercial HVAC equipment is designed to reduce energy waste and save money on your utility bills and having the proper Preventative Maintenance services can reduce unnecessary service calls and extend the life of the existing unit.

Since 1994 Choice Building Services has been striving to reduce the utility consumption for retail stores by using consistent preventative maintenance measures.  This can lead up to a 3% reduction in energy cost. We are qualified to work on all brands of HVAC equipment.You may be interested to know that, according to the Consortium of Energy Efficiency, at least 25% of all rooftop HVAC units are oversized, and not receiving the proper Preventative Maintenance service resulting in increased energy costs and equipment wear. Properly sized equipment and Preventative Maintenance service can dramatically cuts energy costs, and increase the life of the equipment


  • Inspect all HVAC units and performance 

  • Check all electrical connections on equipment
  • Check all motors and moving parts for lubrication
  • Check and adjust all belts
  • Check coils and verify that it is clean
  • Check refrigerant pressure and lines
  • Check Compressors
  • Change Filters
  • Check breaker Boxes for proper operation

Service calls are handled as the following:

  • Any problems which may arise through inspection will be called into your company within 24 hours.
  • Emergency calls are normally handled the day the service is requested.
  • Non-emergency are normally handled within 48 hours.